Kenilworth has existed since at least the time of the Domesday Book which refers to Kenilworth as Chinewrde, a small village in a clearing in the Forest of Arden.

In centuries gone by Kenilworth was at the centre of English power and politics due to the dominance of Kenilworth Castle. It is believed that one of the first English Parliaments was held here.

Although Kenilworth is best known for the ruins of Kenilworth Castle, other significant local landmarks include Kenilworth Clock, St Nicholas Church and Abbey Fields.

Kenilworth town is essentially split into two areas; the old and new parts of the town separated by Abbey Fields park. Old Kenilworth features picturesque twisting lanes and thatched cottages while the new part of Kenilworth has a lively night-life with a number of top quality restaurants and theatres.