Last year’s popular Pantomime at the Royal Spa Centre Leamington has not only broken records of attendance and revenue with an 18% increase in sales but they have managed to smash their target to raise money for their chosen charity One World Link.

One World Link (OWL) promotes friendships between two communities across the world: those of Bo District in Sierra Leone and Warwick District in the UK. The link that has been running between these two communities since 1981 is inspired by a desire for justice, equality, human understanding and mutual support. Over the year’s it has helped to strengthen both communities and their awareness of global and development issues.

The Warwick District based charity raised £6,450 and are delighted to have gone well beyond their target. Excited audiences that flock to the Spa Centre every year were extremely generous with their donations. The collection was made possible through Warwick District Chairman Jane Knight after being approached by Spa Centre General Manager David Guilding who was looking for a locally based charity to benefit from the potential funds that could be raised from the amount of footfall during the busy pantomime period. Approximately 25 thousand people walked through the Spa Centre doors during the month of December.

Chairman Jane Knight says “One World Link has been involved in a 35 year friendship with the people of Bo in Sierra Leone. Many of us have been involved with the schools and councils and health facilities in Bo District. On my last visit I went to Bo Children’s hospital which was built by a Sierra Leonean pediatrician a few years ago. We had known him from the days when the link started and he has managed to get Australian Rotary clubs where he currently lives, and our local Warwick and Leamington Rotary Clubs to set up (solar) power for this new hospital. The hospital still needs many more facilities like a second hand ambulance and a complete set of computerised facilities and laboratory facilities. So the money collected from the pantomime will go towards these latter items when the management committee has met to identify its priorities.”

On Saturday February 4th One World Link will have its AGM in the Pump Room Annex at 2pm. Anyone is welcome to join the meeting especially as Margaret Lemoh, the wife of the paediatrician, will be addressing the One World Link members and visitors about the Children’s hospital which she is going to visit this month. A report will be published shortly after.
It isn’t too late to make a donation – you can log on to and click on the pantomime link to donate to Bo Children’s hospital.

For more information: Jo Lewis, The Royal Spa Centre & Town Hall, Leamington Spa
01926 737154 or email