“We associate rain with dreariness but all that is beautiful relies on it. Imagine how exotic rain could be if we coloured it.” -Audrey Louise Reynolds, Brooklyn, NYC February ‘16

The Creators Project brings together Jigsaw’s commitment to design and craftsmanship in a collaboration with artisans to honour the process of making beautiful products. The latest collaboration in The Creators series brings together a New York artist, a British high-street brand and a traditional Irish Linen supplier. The Jigsaw x ALR collaboration, launching in stores in April 2016, is a unique collection bringing together design and craftsmanship to create beautiful products.

Audrey Louise Reynolds, a NYC based artist, worked with Jigsaw’s in-house design team to develop a unique recipe to create exclusive prints, by using rain to imprint the colours of natural ingredients including wild ripe blackberries, dandelion, weeping willow bark and pale pink crystals on a specially commissioned collection. “I find that collaborating with nature leaves so much up to chance. I think there’s something much more beautiful about that than anything I could calculate on my own.”

Audrey is a self-taught pigment expert, artist and colour fanatic. She takes her ingredients and the soil under her feet and dehydrates them to create a fine, powdered pigment. Then she waits for the Brooklyn rain to shower the ingredients and transforms them into prints. The Jigsaw x Audrey Louise Reynolds collaboration has three stories. A limited edition run of just 50 pieces features hand-dyed prints – a process Audrey does herself in her Brooklyn loft – on soft cotton cashmere and silks so that every piece is unique, while a multi-coloured rain print has been digitally remastered and printed on silk satin. Shapes are simple so the prints stand-out; slouchy tees, long-line maxis and camis.

The final part of the collection involves an experimental collaboration with an Irish Linen supplier. Baird McNutt, based in County Donegal, NI, a family-run firm of some 104 years, were challenged to swap their traditional dyeing chemicals for naturally occurring ingredients including burnt beech vines and red earth to create an exclusive collection of dyed linen pieces for the first time.

Audrey completes the story: “I find that collaborating with nature leaves so much up to chance but it’s kind of the way we live our lives. So you can control it to a certain point and then you
put it in the wind or you put it in the water or you put it in this thing that will change and morph it in never twice the same way. I think there’s something much more beautiful about that than anything I could calculate on my own.”

The digital print silk and linen collections will be available in all Jigsaw stores and from jigsaw-online.com from April. The limited edition hand-dyed pieces will be available from selected stores.