Please be patient, we are closed whilst we are changing the look of our Park Street store and we will be opening for the new season in April. Our new store will be following the Clements and Church ethos of becoming a sustainable brand by moving from a Ready -to -wear store to a Bespoke operation. Custom-made, by it’s very nature, is the most environmentally friendly model as only products that are required are created. Without stocking ready to wear we are negating the environmental impact of wasted textiles. Our range of custom-made items available to order in store will include suits, jackets, coats and shirts, as well as casual items of denim, chinos and sneakers.

In addition; we are launching a new initiative with the opening of our store- the Swop Shop encourages our customers to bring in their old suit to be responsibly recycled, they will be rewarded with 25% off the order of their new custom-made suit; for new customers we are encouraging them to upgrade – with 15% off their first Clements and Church suit when they exchange any other suit. In return, we are supporting the charity Suited for Success repurposing donated tailoring to help men to dress for forthcoming interviews, and on the path to employment.

We are looking forward to welcoming you into our new store…..

In the meantime; please contact our travelling tailor: who can visit you at work or home, at your convenience or CLICK HERE to find out more information about Clements and Church.