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The Bedford Street concept is all about sharing and community. The best memories from our past and creating new ones with friends. Our food, drinks and decor is based around this concept.

We have designed something really special here at Bedford Street that is unique to Leamington Spa. In a climate that is overly suffocated by large-branded operations we’ve concentrated on what’s most important. Good value fresh original food, an amazing wine and drinks list, sensational live music, having fun and creating memories.

The food was inspired from my time living all around the world and working for a number of years in Miami.

A great place begins with fresh locally sourced food, a fantastic wine and drinks list that balances and enhances the flavours of the food and then finishes with close friends and great conversation.

M. Dellapia

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and couldn’t decide what to have because there was 2 or 3 dishes you loved and you didn’t want to miss out on the flavours? Well our food is based on that concept. Smaller dishes that you love as well as platters to be shared by friends and family.

And what goes better with food than a bottle of wine, craft beer, or cocktail. we have the best drinks list in Leamington Spa. Hand-crafted to give fresh flavours which will compliment our food.

Music, somehow we’ve lost touch with how great live music can be so I’ve put together some fantastic jazz blues soul and funk bands on a weekly basis to make us remember.

A fresh face to the neighbourhood, Bedford Street is unique, quirky and fun…

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