Royal Leamington Spa is celebrating its part in World War II with a series of events based around the theme of camouflage and concealment! – Below is taken from Costwold Life July Issue.

Leamington is celebrating its camouflage connections in a playful way, bringing a splash of colour to the town between now and October. Concealment and Deception: The Art of Camoufleurs of Leamington Spa in World War 2 is the name of the exhibition on show at Leamington Spa Art Gallery from July 22 until October 16. In collaboration with this, the role of camouflage will be celebrated through art, food, performance and education. Known as Leamington Camouflage 2016 (Camo Festival), a group of organisations is working together to recreate the British Restaurant, history walks, community murals, music and performance events, school projects and a camouflage trail.

Already knitting workshops have started at The Woolpack to create knitted graffiti artwork to yarn bomb and camouflage two columns of the Royal Pump Rooms. One will feature white, blue and grey shades to represent naval camouflage and River Leam; the other will have earth tones to signify Northern European camouflage and the Pump Room Gardens. Yarn bombing will also take place in Jephson Gardens between August 5 and August 19 involving size-eight needles, garter stitch and some very colourful wool.

In the same way camouflage was a collaborative effort with art, design, science, military, and local Leamington people, the town’s first Camo Festival is a
collaborative team between community, business, and education. Camouflage Festival committee member Pip Burley, is thrilled to be part of the first ever festival of this kind. “The heritage we’re celebrating is important and exciting, and brings out a wonderful sense of historical continuity to our community. A festival that brings together history, the arts and education is just the kind of thing Leamington needs,” he says.
“Gigs in secret venues, yarn-bombing  public buildings, art installations on drones, historical walks – the breadth of the festival is amazing, and a credit to the fantastic talent in Leamington.”